Main floor Bathroom

This main floor bath was one of my favorite rooms right from the beginning.  There are so many things to love about this bathroom: tall narrow mirror and window combination, awesome light fixture, brick floors, paneling and yes, even the wallpaper on the ceiling.  With a little love and attention I knew this room could shine.



The dark paneling and wallpaper date this space, just removing the paper and painting the paneling would do wonders.  The paneling on the walls is the same paneling we have in the family room, kitchen, and entryway.  Our original plan with the paneling everywhere was to paint it antique white, then distress it somewhat.  We were so happily surprised after painting the first room and discovering that it didn’t need distressing!  The natural holes in the wood gave it the perfect amount of variance in the color giving it a beautiful naturally distressed look.

IMG_3096 (2)

We’ve experimented a bit with color in this bathroom, but in the end we always come back to good old Behr Antique White.  First, we painted the paneling a pale yellow and the walls white.  This didn’t do it for us.  Next, we painted the paneling antique white and the walls a soft green.  Both great colors, but for this small space, in the end we kept it simple, white and white, letting the decorations be the color.  The simplicity and freshness is so soothing and timeless.

IMG_3099 (2)

And here she is, the completed main floor bathroom!

IMG_3077 (2)IMG_3094 (4)

IMG_3069 (2)

Above the toilet is an old soda bottle holder.  We found this several years ago at one of our favorite antique stores – the Parker Country Market – but since then we’ve seen them in many antique stores.


IMG_3070 (2)

This old wagon was converted to an awesome shelving piece.  We wanted a place to display pictures of the family ranch that Ryan’s Grandma grew up on, and that we now love to visit.  The dried lavender bunches are from our backyard.


IMG_3100 (2)

The original wallpapered ceiling brought to life by adding crown molding.  I think this ceiling makes the space and draws your eyes upward.

IMG_3089 (3)

This bathroom has no fan which can, at times, be a little…..inconvenient.  Our solution, the obvious one, put a plaque below the window.

‘stink it up, crack it open’.

IMG_3067 (2)

And there you have it, our main floor bathroom renovation.

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