Our original goal with this house was to make it as authentic to history as we could.  Bring out its old gloriousness.  Granted it isn’t a hundred year old house oozing with character, but there is always character to be brought out (or added in).  Then the fun part comes in, adding antique pieces to complement the existing charm.

As we were planning our color scheme for this house we were hugely inspired by book:

IMG_2996 (2)

As much as I love the style and detail of old colonial homes, I can’t live without modern amenities and conveniences, or at least choose not to, and thankfully we’re not in a time where we have to make that choice.  Which is why creating a new old house was right up our alley.  You don’t have to have a historic home to create the same atmosphere, but can create that feeling by your design choices and the little touches you add.

As we did some research into the color palettes and the use of color in the late colonial period (specifically the 1700 and 1800’s), we were drawn to using accenting color on doors, baseboards, and molding rather than on the walls as traditionally used nowadays.

Here are a few pages from “Creating a New Old Home” that were inspiring to us as we chose our own colors.

IMG_3003 (2)IMG_3002 (2)

Interestingly, many of the homes have different colored baseboards/molding in different rooms, rather than one molding color for the whole house.  We often get caught in a box thinking everything has to be continuous and perfectly coordinated.  I love an eclectic look, and although we didn’t bring multiple molding colors into our house, I do love the individual feel it gives to each room. Who knows…I could see us updating the trim color in some of our rooms in the future to create a more eclectic feel.  As much as we hate painting, we seem to always be drawn to it…like an unhealthy relationship.


IMG_3001 (2)IMG_2997 (2)

We chose a chameleon color (aren’t they all) that is a grayish, bluish, green depending on the lighting {Behr – Valley Hills} for all baseboards, molding and doors.  The walls are all painted antique white {Behr- Antique White}.

{Before}IMAG0212 (2)

{The progression}

P1090470 (2)

We painted baseboards before they were installed, but once they were in the home we decided they were too light and went for the color just darker on the color swatch.  Lets just say we’re master trim painters after all the baseboards, windows and doors we’ve painted in this house.


IMG_2970-1 (2)

Another cool detail of older period homes are painted stairs.  Coincidentally it’s also the most economical choice.  Stairs are time intensive and VERY expensive when finished in hardwood.  When painted they can add dimension to an ordinarily plain staircase.




IMG_2972 (2)IMG_2976 (2)

As we were writing this post, Ryan commented that we should paint the stair spindles blue (trim color), I however love the white.  What do you think?? Leave a comment to voice your opinion!

Decorating for us is never a done deal.  We are always changing things around, painting a different color, trying something new.  Things never get old at our house!

4 thoughts on “Color

    • Thank you Jane! We needed a place for guests to hang their coats, and we’re so excited when we found this vintage coat rack. We especially love that it hangs on the wall, so it’s nicely tucked out of the way, but still a conversation piece.


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