Olde Homestead Project

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We’re a husband and wife team tackling the renovation of our 1963 cottage home located in Parker, CO while raising four little people.  We love the history and character every old home possesses, and feel it’s our job to bring out the charm hidden under layers of wear and scum, combining it with our own Donohue flare.  We draw inspiration from the past and incorporate the old with the new.

Life inspires us, our life and those who lived before us.  Bringing those elements of the past into our home connects us to those who’ve gone before and reminds us of the values they held so dear.  Helping us teach our own children the value of a simpler, more wholesome time.  We’re inspired by our surroundings, antiques, nature in all its forms, different textures, functional design…and YOU.  We’ve created this site to share our remodeling journey and all other creative pursuits, and be inspired by yours as well.  Inspiration is key to a well designed space.  Lets inspire each other!

We have 3,500 sq/ft and 3 acres of land as our canvas, and plan to leave our mark on all of it.

I’m Ryan, and I’m Miriam, and this is the story of our Olde Homestead Project.


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