House Tour – Before

Welcome! Let us take you on a tour of the olde homestead before we got our hands on it.  The outside pretty much looks the same to this day, but we can’t wait to snazz it up as soon as we finish all our interior projects, as this has been our main priority.   The outside was definitely not a big seller when we bought it, but by the time we’re done, it’ll shine.

{These pictures are from 2011,  two years before we purchased the house.  When we bought it there were no listing pictures.  The house was NOT in this pristine condition when we took over}4

You walk into the living room on your left, greeted by wood paneling galore.  Notice the dutch door separating the living room and kitchen!  We fell in love with the natural charm the doors and windows give to this house.



….and the two sided fireplace in the dining and living rooms!


A good sized kitchen, but the hanging cabinets were like a sound barrier between the two sides.  Really, you couldn’t have a conversation with someone on the other side without dipping your head below the cabinets to hear them.  A small inconvenience.


These double Viking ovens baffle me.  They’re definitely not original to the home, but fit flawlessly in with the old cabinets.  Strange.


We love this bathroom, even before any remodeling!  What you can’t see is that there’s a coordinating wallpaper on the ceiling which we love.  As do we love the light fixture, narrow window, and brick floor which continues into the entryway.  Throughout the house were some awesome original light fixtures that we knew were going to be key elements in our design.


Up the stairs and to the right is the Master bedroom complete with free standing stove.  There are so many elements to this home that just scream homestead.


Master bath


Bedroom #2:  This enormous bedroom was meant as a bunk room as it has 3 separate closets and ample room for rows and rows of beds.  This and the Master bedroom have so many windows, I feel like I’m in a tree house overlooking the beautiful views.


Bedroom #3:  Another large bedroom with two huge closets.  The closet space in this house spoke to my heart, which is extremely rare in a home of this age.  It even has a cedar closet in the hallway for all my fur coats. phew.


Bedroom #4


Upstairs bathroom: Every bedroom in this house, including this bathroom are huge!  The bones of this house gave us so much to work with.


The lovely basement.  Let’s all just take a moment to savor this beauty.  Okay the moments over.


At least it came equipped with a 3rd fireplace!


And this is why we bought the house!!

IMG_2993 (2)We seriously feel like we’re living our dream of having a home in the mountains, letting our children run wild in the woods, coming home to the sound of the dinner bell.


And there it is.  The start of a whole new lifestyle for us.  Project after project would soon shape our first 3 years here – turning a house into our home.

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